Spanish coastline facing the Mediterranean Sea and the Balearic Islands considered as been the Top summer vacations Destinations.
127.532 Ultra Hi-Res aerial photos and 31 hours of HD aerial video constitute the visual content of these coastlines. This rich content is grouped and organized to represent 53 vacation Destinations and 2.735 Points of Interest-POIs. For all these there exist detailed texts describing their characteristics. Textual information is available for Destinations in the area of Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga for the islands Ibiza, Mallorca, Minorca and Formentera and for many more famous Spanish Destinations around the world. Any aerial photo of Spain or any minute of the areal video can be provided/served with its GPS position, its geo-name (breadcrumb) and its additional information about the shown coastline area and its Description. Information for thousands of Hotels that are close to the sea and presented in the aerial photos and videos of the Spanish coastline, is also provided in the form of structured text.

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