About us

Geotag Aeroview is a new company that produces and distributes high-quality visual content taken from a helicopter, such as ultra-high resolution photos and HD-videos of the Mediterranean coastline. Aerial photos and videos are coupled with their relative coordinates and are synchronized with Trisynchron(R) technology: By this way and according to user's choice, video and photos, can exchange master /slave roles as presentation methods, in order to display the same coastline area/spot without any manual action by the user. This content is available for commercial exploitation, on the web, through innovative on-line presentation technologies such as www.tripinview.com. It is also available offline, through various channels such as publishers, media and other similar types of corporations.

800.000 Ultra HIGH-RESOLUTION aerial photos
300 hours HD aerial video
40000 km of the Med sea coastline captured “meter by meter”


We aim to provide to any interested person the way to get to know earth’s landscape and interesting areas by visualizing and presenting it in a totally different way and to show POIs, landmarks, countries, coastlines, mountains, rivers, lakes and cities as never shown before.


We are committed to capture and display in synchronized aerial photos and videos as much as possible of earth’s surface.


Geotag Aeroview plans the next three years to cover the entire coastline of all summer vacation countries and other POIs like mountains, lakes, rivers, cities and areas of interest in as many countries is possible. The Local Content Strategic Partner concept and proposal is to be implemented, starting this year and we invite any interested and intrigued by our project person/investor to contact us. We will be happy to share our ideas and know-how with you.

Geotag Aeroview’s aerial photos and videos can be provided either coupled, synchronized and geotaged or in separated layers.

Proprietary content

After more than three years of research, planning, shooting and implementation, today Geotag Aeroview owns a rich amount of visual material that covers more than 40.000 kilometers of the entire Mediterranean coastline captured in 300 hours high definition aerial (helicopter) video and 800.000 ultra-high resolution aerial photographs.   Furthermore, a content layer has been attached in the form of textual structured data that represent entities of tourism interest, such as beaches, ports, marinas, anchorages, landmarks, archaeological sites, etc. As of today the entire “meter by meter” coastline of Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta and Monaco has been completed and is available in many different formats and in a variety of business forms and co-operation terms.

High-tech approaches in order to present and distribute rich visual content

Presentation technologies

Geotag Aeroview has developed an array of innovative high-tech approaches in order to present and distribute its rich visual content as well as to facilitate effective navigation & interoperability among video, images, maps and their relative information. The company provides these technological capabilities along with its content in the form of CaaS - API & SDK/API (an API that provides Content with TriSynchron® and COMVICO® presentation technology and functionality) to strategic partners that would like to provide this type of visual experiences to their users.

High-quality visual content

Markets, Partners, Affiliates

Geotag Aeroview has developed a series of web-based tools and technologies that exploit its visual material, for various markets such as tourism, real estate, geographical services, etc and make it available to interested Clients, affiliates, special users, in a series of alternative sales models including: CaaS (Contenet as a Service), price per photo & video footage, white label / microsite operation, widget – embedded code, etc. Special deals are also available for National / Local Tourism Authorities and Municipalities, for National or private Property owners, for Destination Management Organizations, for OTAs, Airline Companies, Tour Operators, etc.